Benefits of Booking Directly with Days Inn Frederick

With so many online travel portals offering booking services and discounts these days, why should you bother booking your hotel room directly through the Days Inn Frederick reservation center or website? Wouldn't it save you money to go with one of the other travel hub options?

Actually, that's a common misconception. Yes, there may be the occasional deal on those other sites - but here are some considerations for the next time you're debating whether to book that Days Inn room through our main reservation or an alternate agency:

Hidden Fees - That's right! Those travel sites make their money not just through advertising, but also by stacking extra fees on top of regular room prices. You can avoid those simply by booking directly with us, as we keep the costs upfront.

Reservation Security - When you book through a travel site, you’re using a middle-man service that then has to communicate your request to us. If they drop the ball, then your reservation details may not actually make it through accurately, if at all!

Direct Service - At Days Inn, we hold ourselves to the highest of service standards and we want to ensure you receive nothing less during your entire experience with us. This includes the reservation process. But other agencies don’t always adhere to the same level of quality, which can detract from your overall enjoyment.

Area Expertise - Satellite booking services may be able to give a broad range of options, but they lack in-depth focus when it comes to getting the best value out of your stay in the Frederick area. Nothing beats getting directly connected to the people who live and work right here.

Cancellation Policies - Even the most well-planned travel agendas can change at the last minute. But Days Inn's cancellation policies take these potential alterations into account and give you the best chance of getting a full refund. However, if you book through a satellite service, their cancellation policies may not be as flexible or forgiving, saddling you with unwanted and unnecessary costs that could’ve otherwise have been avoided.

Guaranteed Rooms - Because we are directly connected to our property management data, we have the most up-to-the-minute overview of what rooms are available when you make your booking. This way, you’re guaranteed that the room you selected is the one you’ll receive on arrival. Alternative booking sites may rely on outdated info and can’t provide the same guarantee.

So when it's time for you to visit Frederick, MD, and you're looking for a place to stay, check out our Days Inn options and book directly with us for the best in service, quality, and cost.

Contact us today to book directly!